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Rescue 153

Rescue 153 was purchased new by the department in 2019 and is a Darley Pumper/Rescue on a Freightliner 4-door chassis. This Rescue features an on-board generator and pre-connected Hurst Hydraulic Jaws of Life. Rescue 153 carries 750 gallons of water and 30 gallons of class A foam. It has a 1500 gpm top mounted pump and a Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS). 153 is due on almost every incident the department is dispatched to and is considered the backbone of the fleet.  


750 gallon tank

30 gallon Class A Foam Tank

1500 gpm Top mounted pump

120CFM CAFS air compressor

5 man cab

30ft ladder, 14ft roof ladder, 10ft attic ladder

On-board generator and Hurst power unit.

Whelen LED light package

Command Light LED Light Tower (80,000 lumens)

2 Telescoping Scene Lights


2- 200ft 1.75" CAFS Crosslays

200ft 2.5" CAFS Crosslays

750ft 5" Supply linea

400ft 3" Supply line

30ft Hard Sleeve Suction Hose

Rescue Tools:

Hurst 10,000PSI Trimo onboard power unit

Hurst 10,000PSI Simo portable power unit

Hurst S700 Cutter - (Pre-connected)

Hurst SP300 Spreader

Hurst SC557 Combi-Tool (Pre-Connected)

Hurst eDraulic Spreader

Hurst eDraulic Cutter

Hurst eDraulic 4 battery bank charger

2- Hurst R412 Rams

2- Rescue Jack Stabilization struts

Various sized High Pressure Air bags

Air Chisel

Reciprocating Saw

Various sized Cribbing & Step-chalks


Positive Pressure Fan

4- MSA Firehawk Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

CO Monitor

MSA Thermal Imaging Camera

Piercing Nozzle

Deck Gun

Various hand tools and appliances

Husqvarna Battery powered K12FD9 saw

Husqvarna 16" Chainsaw

Stokes basket

Ropes & Rigging

Water Rescue PFD, Throw bags, throw discs, and hose inflation appliances.

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