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Tanker 154

Tanker 154 was purchased new by the department in 2015. It is a Darley Pumper / Tanker combination built on a Spartan chassis. It features a 1500 gpm pump, 2000 gallon tank, rear suction, and a top mounted Vision pump panel.  


2000 gallon tank

1500 gpm pump

Rear & Side intakes

Autofill direct tank valve

Side & Rear dumps


4 - 200ft 1.75" CAFS preconnect speedlays

1000ft 5" supply line

400ft 3" supply line

200ft 2" CAFS preconnect attack line


5- MSA Firehawk Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

4- Telescoping Scene lights

Portable pump

Blitzfire deluge gun

Various hand tools and appliances

Ventilation Fan

PPV fan

28ft Ladder

14ft Ladder

2100 gallon porta-pond

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